Natural & Christian Childbirth Education
Natural & Christian Childbirth Education


Is this a "natural" childbirth class?

Absolutely as ANY good childbirth class should be!  Does that mean you have to have a natural birth?  No, you may choose not to, or due to unforseen circumstances you may not, but my goal is to equip you to have a natural childbirth.


How is your class different from a hospital class?

While a hospital class has lots of good information, hospital childbirth classes are usually much more on hospital policy than on actually teaching HOW to give birth.  Many women who desire a natural birth feel unprepared for their birth when taking the hospital class alone.  Hospital classes are usually much shorter, the information is delivered quicker, and the audience is much larger, inhibiting discussion or questions in an intimate setting. Also, visit the home page for a more detailed description of how a Christian Childbirth class differs from any other.  


Do you teach a "method"?

No, I do not teach a published method, but I do employ natural childbirth techniques taught in other methods.  These include relaxation, breathing, and various comfort measures.  I designed this cirriculum based upon my reading, my ACBE instruction, experiences (my own and others who have shared their birth stories with me), and lots of prayer.  


I want a medical birth (epidural or induction), do I still need a childbirth class?

Yes! Yes! Yes!  The most important thing is that you are educated to make truly informed decisions about what interventions you may or may not want.  A childbirth class will inform you of all your options and give you the tools you need to make that decision.  Also, please remember that even if you know you plan an epidural it is a very good idea to learn natural childbirth techniques because it is very common that the epidural does not work exactly as expected, or you may have to wait longer than you expected for it.  There are many circumstances in which a woman who intended a medical birth does not receive medicine when expected, and in order to remain calm and have a fulfilling birth experience, natural childbirth techniques should still be practiced ahead of time.  


Where are your classes offered?

I schedule classes about four times a year at A Nurturing Moment in Huntsville, and can teach classes in my home on an as needed basis.


I don't live in Huntsville, but am interested in your class.  What can we do?

If you are willing to drive to my home, we can get the class done in just 2 long-session Saturdays.  

I'm already 35 weeks pregnant, what should I do about a class?

We may be able to work out a class even in limited time!  I have had to restrict short notice private classes as my own family has grown, but please contact me so we can discuss your options!


What if I can't afford your class?

Absolutely every pregnant mom needs and deserves a childbirth class.  If the cost is an issue for you please discuss this with me.

Courtney Buckley, M.S., CCE


Phone: 256 777-0314

Next classes:

Fall 2019 - TBD


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