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You don't want to miss this class!  Courtney is extremely knowledgeable about the aspects of birth and how our Creator longs to help us through the process!  I've had the privilege of taking this class twice and each time I have learned more and drawn closer in my walk with the Lord!  You will not regret it... I promise!


My husband and I took this class while pregnant. It was the best decision we have ever made! My husband was so prepared during delivery and I knew what to expect and how to handle the entire process of delivery. 
Highly recommended.


I highly recommend Courtney Buckley's Christian child birthing course to anyone looking to prepare for natural birth as a Christian. When I was trying to decide which childbirth class to take, we ultimately decided on Courtney's because I felt like the most important thing in my birth would be leaning on the Lord for strength & peace through my labor. I'm so glad we chose her course, it prepared me to do that and so much more. Courtney is extremely knowledgeable about the biology and the practical side of childbirth. Studying every possibly scenario, she really helped me learn how to walk out any situation with peace. I cannot tell you the value of having that walking into a natural birth, it's invaluable. I'm happy to report, after her course I had my first successful medication free birth. I'm so thankful to have her as a resource in our community. She is a huge blessing to mommies and daddies as well. My husband was much more confident after her course. If you are a christian woman preparing for natural birth, I'm convinced Courtney's course is the best of the best!


My husband and I decided years ago that we wanted to have a home birth with our first child. I was so interested in learning more that we actually took Courtney's class a few years before we started trying! It helped educate us both, and confirmed for us that it was what we wanted to do. We took Courtney's class again during the third trimester of my pregnancy with our son, and it greatly helped us mentally, physically, and spiritually prepare for the birthing process. Courtney emphasizes the importance of leaning on the Lord, trusting the birth process, and relaxing through contractions. This is not easy to do, but with a lot of practice, prayer, and my husband's coaching, I was able to relax through much of my labor, which allowed me to dilate very rapidly (in fact, I was almost ready to push when we left to drive to Tennessee for the birth!). So many of Courtney's lessons and recommendations were game-changers for us; I just cannot imagine trying to give birth naturally without having had this wonderful class. Whether you are interested in natural or home birth, or you just want to be educated on the birth process, this is the class for you!


I first took Courtney's class with a friend since we were both trying to conceive and it sounded interesting. I learned so much and enjoyed how knowledgeable and approachable she was that the next time it was offered, I convinced my husband into going with me. At first, he was a little reluctant, but quickly got into the class and what we were learning. I think he really enjoyed getting all the facts about pregnancy and labor in a no-pressure environment. Courtney is a great teacher who is knowledgeable and passionate about all aspects of pregnancy, labor, and birth. She teaches a holistic approach as to what to expect, various routine procedures, and the cost vs. benefits of those procedures in a non-judgmental open-minded way. As a Christian, it was refreshing to have a fellow believer talking about how to rely on God and to include him in the birth process. Courtney also did extensive research on what the Bible has to say about labor and how it does not have to be painful, but that it will be work. Because of her passion, fastidious and in-depth research, and personal experience, as I am expecting our first child, I find myself looking forward to labor rather than as an experience to be feared.

- Aarika

As someone who had tried to get pregnant for many years with medical assistance on several occasions, I was blessed with a surprise pregnancy long after we “stopped trying”. I felt very strongly that God had blessed me with a natural conception and that I should try my best to honor Him throughout my pregnancy and birth. Over the years, I had shielded myself from most information about pregnancy and birth because those topics were just too painful, so I was pretty clueless. I was so thankful to come across Courtney’s class. I felt that she very clearly presented facts that were indisputable, but also encouraged us to make the birth decisions that were personally right for our family. I felt like the information we received both from topics covered in class as well as from recommended reading were things that every woman should know before deciding on a doctor and before deciding where to give birth. Unfortunately, many of these topics and the risks involved have become all too common medical practices are just not discussed nearly as much as they should be. We ultimately decided on a natural birth in a local hospital and had our birth plan approved by my doctor.

Unfortunately, when my labor began, things very quickly progressed to the point that many items outlined in my birth plan were no longer in my control due to hospital policy. Even though things didn’t go as planned, we felt very fortunate to have the knowledge that we had gained both about the birthing process and about the medical procedures and medications that were offered to us. We were able to make informed decisions and even consult the books we had brought with us when we were faced with the previously unthinkable decision to consent to a C-Section. We were able to ask the doctor educated questions about how she was going to perform the procedure and make sure we were ok with her methods.

We’re still not sure why God gave us such a strong desire to have a natural birth, but didn’t allow that to happen, but we are thankful that we didn’t feel helpless during the decision making process and we are thankful for the medical interventions that helped our baby girl to arrive perfectly healthy!

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